Sunhill Associates, LLC

Work with Start-Ups to Support Growth

Sunhill Associates, LLC has the ability to engage with start-up clients or business units positioning for growth.

We are positioned to:

  • Analyze resource requirements necessary for anticipated growth
  • Determine possible financial constraints to growth and recommend solutions
  • Build financial models to support financial growth targets
  • Address potential pitfalls and obstacles of aggressive growth targets

Starting a new company or positioning a company for accelerated growth is often exciting and frightening at the same time. There are many areas of the business that need to be addressed. Examples include cash flow needs, infrastructure requirements, marketing, new processes/procedures, and staffing issues. Sunhill Associates LLC will work with you during these times to help you achieve your growth targets. We will work with you to insure you have a comprehensive plan in place to help avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary delays, saving you time and money.