Sunhill Associates, LLC

Provide Personal Financial Consultation

Successful business people and business owners often are either too busy or lack the knowledge necessary to adequately manage their personal financial situations. Very few people have been formally trained on how to handle their finances and how to use this knowledge to achieve their dreams. We can work with you on an individual basis (or present to your employees) to help you take your personal finances to the next level and achieve your personal goals.

  • Review your personal situation and make suggestions on areas for improvement
  • Give presentations for your group or department on what they can do on a generic basis to improve their individual situations
  • Recommend individuals or firms that can provide specialized services for specific needs

You are making a good income and it has been growing steadily each year - however you feel as if your personal financial situation is stalled or could be better. We can work with you to help you understand your situation and what opportunities you have for improving it. We can help you create your own personal financial balance sheet and income statement, and if you don’t know what these are we can teach you. We will help you to gain the knowledge and take the action necessary to make your personal financial situation a success.